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What things can make your resume stand out?

There are 3 things that can make your resume stand out. You can choose to make your resume stand out so that you differentiate yourself from the other candidates. 1. Highlight the points in your resume that are important for the employer. Remember the employer will be receiving many job applications, and we all know

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Create a power cover letter | 99interns

I was debating with some friends recently the power of a cover letter and whether or not to include the cover letter as a separate attachment or as an email. The debate is still out, but one thing we agreed on was to ensure each application included a tailored cover letter. Never use a generic

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We had a great experience with 99interns. They helped us discover Franc, who did a fabulous job building our social media profile and contributing to our marketing strategy. I’ll certainly use 99 Interns again.

Jim May