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Three tips to make your CV special

It is pretty depressing to read statistics like “1,000 people applied for 5 positions”. How can you make sure you make it to the final 5? The first step is to ensure your resume or CV is special and it doesn’t get thrown in the garbage. With 3-4 seconds (YES, SECONDS!) to impress the reader,

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Five interview deal-breakers

A job interview can be challenging and we already mentioned what to do and how to prepare for it in a previous blog post. Below there is a short list of interview deal-breakers that should be avoided at all cost during a job interview. 1-Not arriving on time to the interview This sounds like an

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99interns is a "no hassle" application process. It's very straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes, as opposed to other companies, that will ask you various questions, various tests and run through a complex procedure.

The experience with the startup was good, as I am learning things that businesses go through in terms of getting them off the ground. Furthermore, learning about acquisitions, in my own terms, complements my university studies, which makes it all the more interesting.


I found 99interns.com while looking to gain practical and beneficial experience to align with my current studies with today’s up and coming companies in Sydney.  After choosing various options through 99interns user-friendly site I was able to find an internship that was in close proximity to my work, home and university.  The company that I intern with is great and I gain valuable insight into the business from the directors themselves.  I definitely plan on using 99interns again for future opportunities.


We had a great experience with 99interns. They helped us discover Franc, who did a fabulous job building our social media profile and contributing to our marketing strategy. I’ll certainly use 99 Interns again.

Jim May