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How can you identify your skills?

How can you identify skills before you have experience? How can you get experience before you have skills? Obviously you can take classes and build up your skillset but maybe you already have some skills? If you can identify your skills in advance then you can leverage what you already know to find the right

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I just landed my dream job. Without really asking for it!

Counterintuitive, yes. But that’s what just happened. The unique means of getting to this point came after an exploratory process (yes, process, not journey!). But now I work on the design and build of new high growth digital businesses which significantly and positively impact people’s lives (whilst getting paid?). Mid last year things weren’t so

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We’re on Instagram!

How do you reach the right market through social media? We’ve looked at a few different social media channels and prospective interns are typically young and either still students or recently graduated. There are always some on each channel but Facebook is only one channel and the younger people are typically on Instagram. So now we’re

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I have already heard back about the internship I applied through 99interns.com, that's the fastest job reply I've ever gotten and it's so much better than waiting weeks to hear back.