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Preparing for Graduation and Getting Ready for the Real World

One of the most memorable milestones in anyone’s life is graduation day. For many people, graduation is celebrated both for finishing high school or college and also for welcoming new challenges ahead as an individual journey into the real world of work that can often scare a lot of fresh graduates. How should you be preparing

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Are you an entrepreneur?

Are you in the middle of degree or are trying to decide what to do with your life, and you keep hearing about startups and entrepreneurship? Or maybe you are already working and are already bored. One thing you have to do is figure out if the entrepreneurship path is right for you. Here are

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When is the best time to do an internship?

Know that any type of experience is helpful, so regardless of what internship you decide to take on, it will definitely help you get ready for the real world of work. The problem with starting an internship is getting yourself available and committed to taking on the various challenges that an internship program brings. Finding

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I have already heard back about the internship I applied through 99interns.com, that's the fastest job reply I've ever gotten and it's so much better than waiting weeks to hear back.