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Why Multitasking is Overrated, Seriously Don’t Multitask

Believe it or not – there are actually hazards of multitasking. Many people think that doing multiple tasks at once is going to help them finish their day of work earlier. But because we are doing two or more things simultaneously, our performance, attention and efficiency are also being divided into bits and pieces and as

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Is Your Startup Big Enough To Have an Intern?

The common dilemma that every startup deals with is whether they should hire a professional to help them with certain business functions or simply opt for the less expensive (even free) option of hiring an intern. But of course, as a business that is just starting up, paying for a service that is done by

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Four Different Ways to Categorise Internships

We have updated our listing options with different ways of categorising internship programs!  Before, the internship roles could only be classified as either paid or unpaid. Now, we’re introducing two more classifications in order for the internship programs to be clear for both the startups and students / applicants. Starting today, the internship ads can

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I found 99interns.com while looking to gain practical and beneficial experience to align with my current studies with today’s up and coming companies in Sydney.  After choosing various options through 99interns user-friendly site I was able to find an internship that was in close proximity to my work, home and university.  The company that I intern with is great and I gain valuable insight into the business from the directors themselves.  I definitely plan on using 99interns again for future opportunities.