Guide for Interns

Are you considering an internship?  Should you consider an internship? Where do you find out information about what is out there and whether it is relevant for you? How do you apply and have the best chances to get the job? We’ve tried to gather as much of that information together as we can into our resources for interns!

Guide for interns

We’ve found that by framing the resources into questions, this is the easiest way to help you find out some answers!  If you have any questions we haven’t thought of then please post in the comments and we will do our best to answer!

We’ve come up with a number of different topics to help you with obtaining an internship as well as what to do once the internship starts and at the end. Feel free to suggest additional topics and maybe even prepare a guest blog post after your internship to give back and help the next interns. Remember you can always contact us at

Here are some questions that you might have:

Why intern at a startup?

What is the best type of internship for you?

Should you consider an unpaid internship?

How can you get your resume ready?

How do you prepare an application?

How do you decide what type of internship is best?

How do you decide on the best skills to focus on in your career path?

How do you build up your network?

How do you create a great LinkedIn profile?

How do you prepare your application – cover letter and tailored resume?

How do you make your resume special?

How do you prepare for the interview?

What happens if you are not enjoying your internship?

How can you identify your skills?