The word meme may have originated in ancient Greek (something like mimeme that may have been shortened to mime as well) and a more formal definition (thanks, Wikipedia!) is is “an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” The recent phenomenon of pictures with some words on it are a specific form of meme but previously the cultural significance imbedded in more general ideas or a style were what more academic types may call cultural memes. While some of us like to be academic, we are trying to understand why some memes go viral and really do become a cultural hit. The photos are the cultural link that people can relate to and immediately understand.

Our meme collection:

We’ve had so much fun creating our memes and finding great quotes that we’ve decided to park them all at our new meme collection!

Enjoy and let us know which one you like the best!

experience scrooge      baby experience     bear-hungry

register for job alerts      kermit  wisdom multiple startups      angry missed listing

kermit wisdom      too-slow-to apply-interns      startup alien world

meme risk aversion    internship-opportunity-knocking     morpheus

yoda    monday     working-vacation

bored_job          precious             oprah_inspiration

batman linkedin     world-cup-schedule     cow step experience


startupjobthursday  startupcat   picard    melbourne_angry_cat  panel pizza   wild    wake up      experience   first employees   job after graduation    job hunt freak out    time    ready    opportunity   focus  inject   someone else    no experience   less to lose    success   obi   office   good     opportunities   tina-fey-quote    kristen-wiig-quote    angry  baby job   disappointed